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Yuzu Juice (All natural)

Made with 100% yuzu fruit juice, this all-natural, small-batch juice product has been carefully crafted to showcase the distinct taste and aroma of yuzu without any bitterness. Simply open a bottle to enjoy the rich and refreshing scent of ripe, hand-pressed yuzu fruit. This juice works well as a mixer for a range of alcohol, including shochu, and can also be used as a versatile condiment: try in vinegared dishes, salads, carpaccio, marinades, dressings, and more.

Kaneku Frozen Japanese Yuzu Peel

Kaneku Frozen Japanese Yuzu Peel is made with the peel of yuzu grown in the Shikoku and Kyushu regions of Japan. This finest quality peel is then chopped and frozen while still fresh. The product is not subject to any heat treatment and contains no colourings or additives. As a result, the consumer can enjoy the vivid scent and distinct taste of this all-natural, quintessentially Japanese fruit. Kaneku also sells high-quality wasabi products wholesale in Japan and overseas.