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Ahjikan Frozen Deep-Fried Tofu Squares

Frozen Deep-Fried Silken Tofu Squares are dainty cubes of atsuage (thick-fried tofu) with a silky-smooth texture. These cubes are super-convenient, since they require no oil drainage, and such high quality it’s hard to believe they are a frozen product. As processed food specialists, Ahjikan also offers an exciting range of processed vegetable products, made with fresh ingredients and simple to prepare for an authentic taste.

Inarizushi Pocket

Inarizushi is a traditional Japanese dish, made by stuffing vinegared rice into pockets of fried bean curd (tofu) that has been seasoned and fried. These Inarizushi Pockets are made by Misuzu Corporation, an expert producer of soy bean-based foods, most notably koya bean curd (freeze-dried tofu) and seasoned fried bean curd. These sweet and salty pockets, ready to be opened and filled with freshly prepared rice, come in two packet sizes: 40 pockets for commercial customers, 16 pockets for retail.

Seasoned Bean Curd – Authentic Inari Pocket

OK Food Industry is a pioneer of seasoned fried bean curd products for professional use and boasts the top share in Japan. OK Food respects the traditional manufacturing process in order to give its products an extra juiciness, and was the first in Japan to industrialise the traditional “form-in-mould” method of fried bean curd production. Simply stuff these easyto-use for everyone Inari Pockets with sushi rice and serve.