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Hakutsuru Sake

Hakutsuru has been creating fine sake in Nada, Japan since 1743. Since the early days, the brand has taken both its inspiration and name from the white crane, a graceful and refined bird that is an auspicious symbol in Japan. Hakutsuru hopes that the happiness and good fortune the white crane brings can be shared by all who enjoy their sake. Hakutsuru is proud to still follow millennium-old brewing traditions while also embracing contemporary technology and engaging in forward-driving research and development. Each Hakutsuru sake represents the diversity of sake today and invites enjoyment at different moments.

Strawberry Nigori

Strawberry Nigori, made by a brewery with more than a century of experience, is an innovative sake-based liqueur that combines the mild and mellow taste of nigori (unfiltered) sake with the pleasant tartness and uplifting sweetness of fresh strawberries. This beautifully textured sake can be enjoyed alone as a digestif and is also delicious served over ice, shaken with soda water, or blended with milk for a Pina Colada-esque cocktail.

Otokoyama Hokkaido Very Dry Sake

The very dry taste of Otokoyama has made it a long-esteemed favourite, both at home in Japan and overseas. It is made with pure and crisp snow-melt water from Mount Daisetsu in Hokkaido, where the cold climate is ideally suited to sake brewing. Its delicious dryness is characterized by subtle sourness and sharpness, with a clear hint of the natural umami of rice. Otokoyama pairs exceptionally well with sushi and sashimi, giving it a reputation as the ideal sake for classic Japanese cuisine.

Urakasumi Sake

Multiple award-winning and traditional, Urakasumi Sake Brewery specialises in classic and elegant sake that offer unmatched food pairing experiences. Its versatile Junmai-shu has true freshness and an amazing rice mouthfeel. Urakasumi Zen, its world-famous signature sake offers incredible balance, softness, and elegance that fit exquisitely with any seafood. End any meal beautifully with sweet Urakasumi’s Umeshu, a highly refined Japanese plum sake boasting the romantic sweetness of cherry and almond. It is also a perfect marriage with dark chocolate.

Shirakabegura Kimoto Junmai

Sho Chiku Bai Shirakabe-gura Kimoto Junmai is brewed using the Kimoto method, a traditional process that create complexity in aroma and taste. It is made with pure, natural water from Kobe’s Nada district and 100% Gohyakumangoku rice. Fragrant and estery on the nose, with hints of meion, it is soft and cerealy on the palate. Medium-bodied with well-balanced acidity; serve chilled or at room temperature. This sake can be paired widely, including lightly seasoned starters and richer main courses.

Hakushika Premium Sake Selection

The Hakushika brand is synonymous with good taste, quality and a sense of tradition. The brand’s line-up of premium sake includes: Ginjo Namachozo, a fresh, flavoursome and elegant ginjo sake; Honjozo Yamadanishiki, luxurious and smooth and a showcase for premium Yamadanishiki rice; Chokara, a clean and crisp sake that’s refreshingly dry with a hint of umami; and Junmai Taruzake, matured in cedar barrels for a rich, complex and mellow taste.

Sake and Other Alcohol

Zen-Noh’s mission is to introduce the best Japanese agricultural products to the world. In partnership with expert producers, Zen-Noh has curated a selection of amazing and unique craft beverages to showcase the versatility of drinks produced with made-in-Japan ingredients. From Z1 Sake, “Designed in London and Made in Tokyo” with Ozawa Brewery, to Kome Biru Craft Beer, created in partnership with the New Zealand-based Yeastie Boys and made using Japanese rice, to Kyu Japanese Gin infused with Japan-grown cucumber.