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Ramen Soup & Kombu Ekitaidashi S

These ramen soups are doubly delicious thanks to the blend of two types of soup stock in each variety: vegetable and seafood, the latter made from such ingredients as katsuo-bushi (bonito flakes), saba-bushi (mackerel flakes) and niboshi (small dried fish). Add hot water for authentic ramen soup in an instant. Kombu Ekitaidashi S is a super-concentrated and additive-free stock made from Hokkaido-sourced kombu (kelp). Simply dilute for rich and flavourful stock, with none of the fuss or mess of making it from scratch.

Somi Kitano Miso G Ramen Soup

Kitano Miso G is a concentrated soup flavour for creating flavourful miso ramen soup. It is made with carefully selected ingredients, including miso and vegetables, to create an authentically rich and deep flavour. No MSG is added and no animal products are used. Kitano Miso G is made in Kyoto by Somi Foods, a trusted supplier to thousands of renowned restaurants across Japan, boasting more than 65 years of experience in providing high quality soups and seasonings to the food service industry.