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Clearspring Organic Miso

Clearspring is a family business which for over 29 years has been committed to pioneering authentic Japanese specialities and organic fine foods. Clearspring was one of the very first businesses to introduce authentic and organic Japanese miso to Europe. Since those early days, Clearspring has developed an enviable and diverse range of misos including traditionally fermented Organic Brown Rice Miso, Barley Miso, Hatcho Miso, White Miso and Reduced Salt Miso. Clearspring works with the very best artisanal producers to offer customers the finest quality products that not only taste incredible, but celebrate the traditional skills, craftsmanship and flavours of Japan.

The most recent addition to the brand’s award-winning range is Clearspring’s innovative Organic Japanese Chickpea Miso. It is made from whole organic chickpeas, mixed with rice and koji culture (rice inoculated with Aspergillus oryzae mould spores). The resultant non-soya recipe miso is one of the only such misos available in the UK and Europe. 

Available in a sustainable 150g glass jar, it delivers a smooth, rich flavour which perfectly balances the nutty-sweet flavour of chickpeas with the umami-rich flavour of traditional miso. It is also incredibly versatile. It can be used just like traditional Japanese miso to make miso soup, stews, casseroles, dressings or used as a seasoning or glaze. 

The miso is 100% organic, GMO-free, live, fermented, unpasteurised and vegan friendly. It is made using the same traditional Japanese methods as the brand’s flagship Organic Brown Rice Miso, by a second-generation family producer in Japan’s Nagano prefecture. 

Clearspring’s range now offers a miso for almost every dish, ranging from versatile Sweet White Miso which is perfect for dips and dressings to the more complex flavours of Hatcho Miso, the miso used by the Emperor of Japan. Clearspring has also developed a delicious and convenient range of Instant Miso Soups to enjoy whenever you are in a rush and need a delicious taste of traditional miso on the go.

Clearspring’s products are available to buy at health stores across Europe and at major UK retailers including Waitrose, Whole Foods Market and Ocado.

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