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Clearspring Organic Miso

Clearspring’s Organic Miso range is authentically Japanese, slow-fermented and made by 5th generation craftsmen, expert in the art of miso. It is naturally aged in the traditional way and is carefully overseen to nurture a perfect fermentation process. The resulting umami-rich miso delivers a beautiful balance of sweet, earthy, savoury and fruity flavours. Our versatile range is ideal whether you’re looking for an instant soup or want to enhance your noodles, stews, dressings, dips or almost any savoury meal.

Hanamaruki Miso and Shio Koji

Hanamaruki Miso Paste is made from only the finest soy beans, cultivated on North American farms. Both Shiro (white) and Aka (red) Miso Pastes are versatile, allowing for bothtraditional and creative cooking, and are available in both commercial and homeuse types. Liquid Shio Koji is an innovative product that brings traditional shio koji, a blend of koji (cooked rice with fermentation culture), water, and salt, up-to-date in a handy liquid form. The live enzymes in this versatile seasoning work to tenderise meat or impart sweetness, umami, and a subtle saltiness.

Marusan Liquid Miso

A perfect blend of liquid miso and dashi soup stock: simply add one tablespoon to a cup and fill with hot water for authentic miso soup. The flavour range includes: Agodashi Miso, made from dried flying fish and free from additives; Awase Miso, enhanced by the subtle sweetness of hon-mirin; Akadashi Miso, rich with the umami of Hatcho miso. Sweet Miso Sauce is an additive-free blend of Hatcho miso and Kyoto-style white miso, ideal as a dipping sauce for cutlets and meat dishes.

Shinsyu-ichi Miso Paste & Instant Miso Soup

Itachogonomi is a long-standing brand from Shinsyu-ichi. Its Shiro and Aka Miso are easy-to-use pouch-type miso suitable for all kinds of miso dishes. Shiro Miso is ideal for dressings and sauces, while Aka Miso pairs brilliantly with meat. Freeze Dried Instant Miso Soup 7.5G (Authentic/MSG-free Vegetarian) is a freezedried block-type miso soup in two flavours that makes quick yet authentic miso soup possible for anyone – just add hot water.

Marukome Liquid Miso & Koji-Amazake

Marukome is an expert in crafting delicious and nutritious products from all-natural ingredients and giving traditional foods a twist to make them better suited to the modern kitchen. Liquid Miso Ryotei no Aji is a liquid miso paste that’s perfect for making miso soup or adding to sauces. Koji-Amazake is a fermented rice drink that’s rich in amino acids and naturally sweet yet free from added sugar.