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Mirai Super Premium Sushi Rice

This new variety of rice has been developed by farmers and specialist technicians with the aim of creating the ideal rice for Japanese cooking. The most advanced technologies available and strict control of the supply chain have been harnessed to obtain a type of rice unique in taste and consistency that represents the future of sushi in Europe. The Mirai variety, an exclusive by Vignola, is grown in the ideal conditions present in Italy’s Po valley, nestled at the foot of the Alps.

Wismettac Foods Premium Rice & Other Products

Wismettac Foods is an international food distributor established in 1912 in Kobe, Japan. Today it is part of the Wismettac Group, alongside Harro Foods, and is headquartered in Tokyo. It supplies premium rice and foodstuffs worldwide, all sourced from the best supply locations. It handles sales of products ranging from foodstuff materials to processed food products, such as its private brand Shirakiku.