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Typhoon Japanese Tableware

Typhoon supplies an excellent range of quality Japanese tableware, from traditional items to complement and enhance your tabletop to contemporary whiteware suitable for the finest culinary creations. Inspirational shapes are finished in unique glazes offering a modernistic look for your presentation. In addition, they stock bento boxes, tetsubin, hangiri, sushi oke, miso bowls and more. Their products are on view at their London showroom, where both cash-and-carry and a delivery service are available.

Yamashita Kogei Tableware

Yamashita Kogei is based on the southern Japanese island of Kyushu, and is renowned for the quality of its ceramics, bambooware, glassware, lacquerware, and paper and wood products. It has been providing the finest quality tableware to the catering trade, including many leading Japanese restaurants, for over 30 years. Products are made entirely of natural materials and are ideally suited to the delicacy of Japanese cuisine, creating an authentic and traditional Japanese setting for any meal. The new catalogue can be downloaded from the website.