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Shibanuma Gluten Free Sesame Dressing 1L

Shibanuma Soy Sauce has been making sauce in wooden barrels since 1688. Today, it is focusing on exports through taste customisation, quality maintenance, and labeling compliance. Gluten Free Sesame Dressing is made without wheat and is free from MSG and animal products, making it the perfect choice for health-conscious consumers. Warm, nutty and fragrant, this dressing will complement any salad, and also works well as a dipping sauce for shabu shabu meat hotpot.

Carrot Dressing with Koji

Yamato Soysauce & Miso produces essential Japanese dressings perfect for any kitchen. Koji, or rice malt, is a key ingredient for miso. This Carrot Dressing is also made from koji, together with carrot that has been snow-stored for over two months. Both ingredients add natural sweetness, and the dressing is rich in active enzymes from the koji. Other products include He-She-Ho Raw Soy Sauce, not heated for a distinct flavour, and Yuzu Ponzu with koji to add richer taste. A new retail line of 180ml bottles is now available.