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Biome Cooking Utensils

Biome is the authorised supplier of Hasegawa products. Their products are loved by kitchen professionals for the high quality and well thought-out hygiene concept. The makisu sushi roll mat is so flexible that it works as effectively as a traditional bamboo mat. Not only is it hygienic, it’s also less likely to stick to rice, meaning no cling film is required. Other products include hangiri sushi rice bowls, spatulas, soft cutting boards, cutting board lifters, and non-slip mats.

Modellino Masquette and Luncharm

Masquette means service with a smile can still be fastidiously hygienic: these unique transparent masks are lightweight and comfortable, and designed not to fog. The Masquette is reusable and can be personalized, while the Masquette Light is light, disposable and economical. Luncharm single-use soy sauce dispensers are filled with naturally-brewed, rich-tasting soy sauce in standard (red cap) and gluten-free (yellow cap) varieties. Perfect for lunches and bento boxes, they are a clean and convenient catering solution.