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House Foods Japanese Curry Sauce Mix

Japanese-style curry has been transformed dramatically from its Indian roots. Japanese curry usually contains meat and vegetables, and has a thick, gravy-like consistency. House Foods recommend curry to everyone as a nutritious and well-balanced meal that pairs well with any staple food. House Foods is one of the leading manufacturers of curry sauce mix in Japan, offering products that are easy to use in cooking; packages for both home use and commercial use are available.

S&B Golden Curry Sauce Mix & Curry Powder

S&B has been pivotal in making curry a Japanese family favourite, having popularised the dish through the launch of its Golden Curry Sauce Mix. Proudly made in Japan, this carefully blended, richly aromatic curry roux has a transformative effect on dishes. The product comes in three heat grades: Mild, Medium Hot, and is available in 92g and 220g packs (two pack designs available). S&B Oriental Curry Powder is the brand’s signature blend in a powder form, ideal for use as seasoning or flavouring as well as to make curry.