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Ajinomoto Gyoza

With a 100-year heritage of quality and innovation, Ajinomoto Frozen Foods is bringing delicious and authentic Japanese dishes to the UK foodservice market. As the no.1 gyoza brand in Japan, Ajinomoto offers five savoury flavours (including Chicken and Vegetable, Pork, Duck, 5 Vegetable with Spinach Pastry, Prawn) along with one sweet flavour, Apple, to add to dessert menus. The range allows operators to bring truly genuine Japanese flavours and variety to their menus.

Osaka Ohsho Bounty of the Earth Fried Dumpling

Established in Osaka in 1969, the name Osaka Ohsho is now synonymous with gyoza (fried dumplings). These mouthwatering gyoza recreate the iconic Osaka Ohsho taste without any animal products. The combination of Japanese cabbage, garlic, and ginger, together with soybean mince, makes for an authentically satisfying flavour and bite. Simply grill, boil, or fry in oil from frozen.

Shirakiku Vegetarian Meat Gyoza

Shirakiku Vegetarian Meat Gyoza are succulent and delicious gyoza dumplings, produced in a gluten- and meat-free factory in the rice production heartland of Akita. They are stuffed generously with rice, the soul of Japanese culinary culture, soy beans, and other healthy ingredients instead of meat. These gyoza are delicious pan-fried, deep-fried for extra crispiness or boiled for a soft and chewy texture.