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Hata Ramune Soda

Ramune is a traditional Japanese carbonated drink, distinctive for using a marble to seal the bottle. This version is produced by Hatakosen, a company established in 1946. They currently export Ramune to 45 countries and are dominant in the international market with a share of more than 70%.
Hatakosen takes pride in the production of its Ramune; in addition to the classic Ramune flavour, they have developed a wide range of flavoured varieties, including strawberry and melon.

MangaJo Green Tea

angaJo Green Teas are the premium ready-to-go drinks and the perfect addition to any sushi bar. Inspired by the smooth skin and youthfulness of Japan’s octogenarians, MangaJo is packed with only the best ingredients ready to enjoy with delicious katsu and sushi. Green tea and rooibos tea alongside some of the most flavourful ‘super berries’, such as the unique Amazonian acai berry, make MangaJo drinks a double dose of anti-oxidant goodness that also quenches your thirst leaving you feeling revitalised and ready to go.

Simplee Aloe Drinks

Simplee Aloe’s range of all-natural aloe vera waters is low in sugar and calories. They contain over 200 biologically active vitamins, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory enzymes that support digestion and everyday wellbeing. Enjoy Simplee Aloe’s range in three different flavours: Aloe with Pulp; Aloe without Pulp; Passion Fruit with Pulp.