• Frozen Ready to Cook Japanese Products

    Frozen Ready Meals

    PESCA RICH offers a wide range of Frozen Ready to Cook Japanese Products with the wow factor, including: ebi gyoza, ebi shumai, sweet potato croquette, curry croquette, ebi katsu, chimaki, yakitori, tsukune, takoyaki, okonomiyaki, ebi tempura, aji fry, kakiage, and satsumaage. These products originate in Japan but have a touch of European influence. Convenient and simple, they make for tasty everyday side dishes. Going forwards, “clean eating recipes”, “gluten free” and, “sustainability” will be the keywords for their new products.


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  • Chakin Egg Sheet Roll

    Egg Omelette

    The Chakin Egg Sheet Roll is a pre-rolled sheet of very thin egg omelette, less than a millimetre thick, with a bright and even yellow colour. The easy-to-use sheet contains no artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives, and is produced from 100% British Lion eggs in a BRC Grade A accredited factory in the U.K. The roll is ideal for new and traditional types of sushi–and perfect for maki rolls–as well as many other dishes. A great product for vegetarians, health-conscious eaters, and all sushi lovers.


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