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Japanese Cocktail Master Class Held in London
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Saturday, 26 March 2011

The Bar With No Name, at 69 Colebrooke Row in Angel, London, is an award-winning speakeasy style cocktail bar that's one of the very best in the UK. On February 26 it hosted a Japanese Cocktail Masterclass, sponsored by KIGO Shochu and led by Tony Conigliaro, a pioneering drinks creator whose innovative and exciting flavour combinations have been delighting drinkers for more than a decade.

The master class focused on aspects of Japanese bartending and tools, as well as products from Japan, and some special Japanese flavours, including yuzu (Japanese citrus), green tea and rice water. The unique and inspiring afternoon was attended by a good mix of professionals and amateur enthusiasts, who gathered to listen to Tony talk about KIGO shochu and the Kyo-ya Distillery where the shochu is made.

The class also introduced a wide range of cocktails, all made with Kigo Shochu, from the Noshino Martini that combines shochu and sake, to Tanuki, made seasonal fruit and sugar syrup, to the sweet-sounding Kawaii Lemonade, made with shochu and Calpico, a Japanese uncarbonated soft drink with a light, almost milky flavour. Many of the cocktails introduced are available at the bar, with Silver Mountain being a particular recommendation. Another Master Class will be held on Saturday, 7 May 2011 between 2pm 4pm.