Eat-Japan vol 2 Issue 2: Authentic Japanese Food

This volume forms a comprehensive overview of all that is great about Japanese cuisine, and is indispensable for anyone connected with the Japanese food industry. As well as the glossy magazine packed with fascinating articles on Japanese food and culture, there is a trade directory showcasing by category the very best Japanese food and drink products available today, all beautifully illustrated in full colour, with details of who to contact for more details. Articles also include in-depth features on many aspects of Japanese cuisine including key ingredients and seasonings, umami - the fifth taste, modern Japanese restaurant design, sushi master course and much, much more! The volume also includes a comprehensive glossary of Japanese foods, as well as a global, country-specific distributor list.

Eat-Japan vol 2 Issue 1: All About SAKE

It has been the UK's leading Japanese food and culture magazine for five years, but now EAT-JAPAN has been reborn, to become an even more invaluable reference for Japanese food lovers and food professionals alike! The first issue of this renewed version is devoted to sake - Japan's national drink, and a beverage that is currently booming in popularity worldwide. As well as providing a thorough grounding in all aspects of sake, the volume introduces a great selection of sake breweries and their brands for you to try.