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Launch of Limited Edition Miso and Marmite Fusion Ramen
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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Coinciding with today's London Olympic kick-off, a Soho restaurant is launch a special miso and Marmite fusion ramen, in collaboration with leading Japanese miso maker Marukome.

From the kick-off of the Olympics today, Soho ramen restaurant Ittenbari will be collaborating on a limited edition dish with Marukome, Japan's leading miso maker, which will be available until mid-September.


Marukome, who already distributes to over 15 European countries, is actively working to expand miso sales markets. This particular collaboration has been prompted by the growing export of Japanese miso to European, Asian, and other markets as people around the world become more health conscious. Marukome have cited Europe, North America and Asia as key areas for overseas expansion.

To launch sales in the UK, Marukome have concocted a unique miso ramen blended with traditional British Marmite, which serves to draw out the flavour of this traditional Japanese ingredient.

Marukome miso ramen will be available for a limited time in October at the international food trade fair, SIAL PARIS, and after that the product is scheduled to be launched across Europe.