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Japanese Mayonnaise

Although mayonnaise is made and enjoyed worldwide, Japanese-made mayonnaise is quite unique. It is characterised by the use of only the egg yolk rather than the whole egg, and of subtle tasting vegetable oils (such as rapeseed oil and soy bean oil) and rice vinegar as the other main ingredients. The result is a mellow yet distinctive tasting mayonnaise that is perfectly matched to the Japanese palate. Japanese mayonnaise is enjoyed with a wide range of dishes, including salads, fried foods, okonomiyaki pancakes, and even sushi.

KENKO Mayonnaise
KENKO Mayonnaise Co., Ltd.

KENKO Mayonnaise is a leading food manufacturer supplying commercial clients with salad dressings and sauces. KENKO Restaurant Mayonnaise is made with 17% egg yolk content, giving it richness, and grain vinegar, for a less sour taste. Perfect for spicy dishes, Garlic Soy Sauce uses fried garlic and chilli oil for appetising aroma and taste. Cooking Sauce Sweet Miso is a versatile blend of Saikyo and Hatcho miso. Triple Balance Non Oil Onion is a healthy dressing, free from oil or sugar, with a rich and satisfying texture from onion.

KENKO Mayonnaise