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Maeda-en (G.T Japan, Inc.)

1652 Deere Ave. Irvine, CA 92606 U.S.A.
Tel: +1-949-251-9601
Fax: +1-949-251-9602

Maeda-en Green Tea

Since 1984, Maeda-en has been distributing premium quality 100% Japanese-grown green tea worldwide in both retail and bulk sizes. The wide range of unique Maeda-en teas includes selections to satisfy professional caterers, individuals, connoisseurs and newcomers. Rich in nutrients and antioxidants, the teas are reasonably priced and are available in leaf, powder or convenient, fine mesh tea bags. As well as being an authentic and traditional maker of superb green tea leaves, Maeda-en also creates innovative green tea products for modern consumers.

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Maeda-en (G.T Japan, Inc.)