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Japanese Seasonings

Clearspring Organic and Premium Japanese Seasonings
Clearspring Ltd.

Clearspring’s range of premium Japanese seasonings is theresult of close trading partnerships with some of the finest, but little known, craft producers of traditional Japanese seasonings. From the rich, full fragrance of Toasted Sesame Oil to the gentle tartness of Organic Brown Rice Vinegar, the taste of
each seasoning is both distinctive and delightful. Made to authentic recipes without the need for fillers, sweeteners, or colours. Enjoy the traditional flavours of Japan.

Clearspring Organic and Premium Japanese Seasonings

Yamasa Condiments
Yamasa Europe B.V.

The Hanjoten series of condiments has been developed by Yamasae specially for professional use. The range is a popular choice in restaurants in Japan, and includes a number of soy-sauce based tare sauces and ponzu soy sauce. They are invaluable in ensuring uniformity in flavour, making them suitable for use in chain restaurants where consistency is key, and can also be adapted to create unique and defining dishes. Yamasa also caters to restaurants with a range of other products, including powdered dashi, Kombu Tsuyu, Teriyaki Sauce, and Sweet Soya Sauce (For Rice), in retail and commercial sizes.

Yamasa Condiments